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7 factors that can improve your salary

Whether you are starting a new job, or have been in your role for a while, the thought of trying to improve your salary has probably been on your mind. While proving your worth and benefit to the company are certainly important factors, there are other things that come into play as well. Here are just some of the […]

Pay rise Negotiation: What words SHOULD you be using?

So, you have finally got the courage up to ask for that pay rise you deserve. You know why you should be improving your salary, you have done your research, and you know what kind of figure you want to be aiming for. Well done! But when it comes to the actual discussion, you may […]

7 Answers to the Most Common Pay Rise Questions

  In this post we are going to look at the answers to the 7 most common pay rise questions that people ask, so you can be prepared and confident in knowing how to ask for a raise.   1) Should I ask for a pay rise? One word answer: YES. If you have been thinking […]

5 Tell-Tale Signs You Need to Ask for a Pay Rise

Knowing whether or not you should be asking for a pay rise can be a nerve wracking experience. You don’t want to annoy your boss or seem ungrateful for what you have, but you know that you are worth more. If you are really not sure if you have a good reason to ask for […]