ATTENTION: Underpaid Professionals
​​​You CAN get a Pay Rise.
Here's how...

Join my "pilot" students who've been quietly using 
this material to secure $5,000, even $10,000 raises -- often with a single conversation. 

Yes, I want a Pay Rise!
20% Salary Increase
- Brooke
Extra 5k
- Breanna
You CAN get paid what you deserve...

- Even if you've never negotiated before
- Even if you're not sure you're worth it
- Even if you don't have 15 years of experience
- Even in this economy...when they "don't have a budget"

If you don't get results like these, scroll down to find out about our unbeatable guarantee!
"I am excited to utilise the knowledge I have gained in this course to not only ask for a pay rise, but to also have more constructive discussions with managers on the hard topics."
- Conrad
"When it comes down to getting pay-rises Lloyd is a master. He has achieved a 50% pay rise in a major global corporation in less than 12 months and cracked the 6 figures threshold very fast. I thought this was a fluke but he did again and his mix of crazy techniques will help you too if you want to be paid what you are worth." - Fabrice
"Your courses have helped me to:
a) Change the way I view a pay rise - removing the stigma of asking for a pay rise viewing the act of asking for a pay rise in a positive light.
b) Given me more confidence in asking for a pay rise - by helping me to track and realize the value I bring to my job."
- Christian

Hi, I'm Lloyd Vickery, the founder of Get Your Pay Rise, after negotiating many large pay rises (going from 32k to six figures in 4 years) I’ve put together a formula of what works best so other people can do the same.

Lots of people think if you just work hard enough your boss will notice and pro-actively give you a pay rise. Unfortunately, the vast majority of the time this is NOT TRUE. If you’re one of the many underpaid professionals out there and want to know how to get paid your worth, then read on…
I have distilled everything down into short, easy to watch videos with all the information you need to know without any fluff. No one wants to sit and spend hours and hours watching video after video, this course gets straight to the point so you can get your pay rise faster and do more of what you love. We’ve included detailed scripts on how to handle objections (including “There is a company wide salary freeze”) and ready to use templates with examples filled out. 

All so you can take control of your career and stop waiting for your boss to do it for you.

This program works for people in any industry, at any age, with any level of experience, male or female...even if you've never negotiated before.
You know you're worth a Pay Rise, so why haven't you got it? 

So many of us know we are getting underpaid and yet we don’t do anything about it. Why is that? 

In my experience, there are three common myths we get sucked in to that stop us from getting paid what we deserve.  
Myth #1: "If I’m really worth a pay rise my boss will give me one"

Imagine you’re a boss, you’ve got two direct reports and you’ve been provided 10k to give out to them as pay rises. One of them has come to you and explained all the value they’re bringing. How they go over and above the call of duty, How they make sure everything is done, even if they have to work late and how they think the work they’re doing is worth a pay rise. 

The other one hasn’t said anything to you. They haven’t said they want to move forward in their career, they haven’t said they want more money, for all you know they are quite happy with the money they are on now.  Who would you give the pay rise to? 

So can you see how it’s important to ask for a pay rise? 

Myth #2: "I’ve asked before and my boss said no so why bother trying again"

This is a bit of a weird example so please bear with me. I promise it will make sense at the end, okay?

Unfortunately, due to the nature of the world most women have probably experienced this. They go out to a bar for a night out with their girlfriends. 

They’re having a good time and then they get interrupted by a guy who is quite clearly poured himself too much dutch courage. He opens with the ‘classic’ line "Was your Dad Jesus? Because you look like an Angel” and it’s like the universe itself can’t cringe enough. 

Now imagine this, same situation a girls is out with her girlfriends and she’s been eyeing up this hot guy across the bar. He comes over and says ‘hello, my name is xx’ He’s interested in her, he asks the right questions and doesn’t say anything creepy. 

Both guys wanted to go on a date, it’s the way they approached it that makes the difference!

Can you see how it’s not that asking for a pay rise will be perceived negatively, it’s the way you ask? 

Myth #3: "Negotiating will make me look greedy or selfish"

Imagine this, you’ve got your pay rise and you’ve gone travelling. 

You go to a local market. What you don’t know is that EVERYONE negotiates here at this market. The sellers expect people to negotiate so they start at double the normal price. If you went there and took the first offer, you’re getting ripped off. Now, asking for a pay rise can be similar scenario. Often a business will start with a low number expecting people to negotiate. If you know don’t know how to negotiate you could be missing out on thousands of dollars. 

So can you see how negotiating appropriately can stop you from getting ripped off? 

Image you negotiated well and turned that 5k pay rise into a 10k pay rise.

In the next 30 years, that’s 300k extra in your back pocket.

Now, image you invest 10% of that 10k pay rise (so 1k) at a conservative 2% compound interest. In 30 years that will be 570k in savings! 

All this is without taking into account the fact you will probably get more than a 10k pay rise as your wage increases.
If you're valuable to your company -- if you do good work, if you take the initiative, and make your boss's life easier -- you're worth FAR more than you think, even in this economy. But you have to know how to ask for it. The truth is, $5,000 or $10,000 to your company is a drop in the bucket. But to you, it could be life-changing.
If we assume you negotiate just THREE times in your career, for a total of $30,000 (5k, 10K, and 15K), that means you're losing over $300 per DAY by not negotiating.

Think about that.

Every day you're not negotiating, you're losing money.

And it's not just about salary. You're losing other things you could negotiate -- additional benefits, flex time, better titles, promotions, increased responsibilities. And most of all, the ability to know you're being paid what you deserve...and treated with respect.

Most people never negotiate because they're afraid. But when you see your invisible scripts for what they are -- limiting, unsubstantiated beliefs -- you can make a change. When you finally hear what your boss isn't telling you, you'll have the confidence to ask for what you deserve. And when you're armed with the exact scripts, timetables, and video lessons on precisely WHAT to say and HOW to say it, you'll be unstoppable.
What your boss isn't telling you

Just one more thing.

I've been on both sides of the negotiating table many times. I've negotiated deals worth millions of dollars. 

Let me share the biggest insights.

Negotiation doesn’t have to be hard or feel icky. If you know how to approach it properly you can actually have fun AND get the outcome you want. 

You are more valuable than you realise. It can take a new employee 1-2 YEARS before they become fully productive. Think back to your first month on the job, how much did you get done every day? A whole lot less than you get down now right? In fact, you probably get more done in a day than a new person will get done in a week!

An extra 5k or 10k might be a lot to you but it is NOTHING compared to how much it will cost your employer to find someone else to do your job. The cost of them advertising the role, interviewing, training a new staff member, getting them up to speed etc. etc. etc. 
You are more valuable than you realise. 

Which do you want to be?

You've already cost your company thousands of dollars. $5,000 or $10,000 is nothing.

Companies spend an average of approximately $6,000 recruiting new college graduates. As you get more and more senior, that number increases. Factor in training and onboarding, and your company has already spent well over $10,000 just in hiring you.

They don't want to lose you for a simple $5K or $10K request, which they'd have to spend if you left anyway. If you can make the case, you can often bring your pay up dramatically.

Say nothing, get nothing.

Most people (especially women) simply don't try to negotiate their salaries. They take the salary that's offered...over and over again...and soon, they wonder how their co-worker (who does the exact same work) makes $10,000/year more than them.

When you don't speak up, you invisibly condemn yourself to passively accepting whatever your boss offers -- and his goal is to pay you as little as possible to keep you working!

It's risky NOT to negotiate.

First-time negotiators worry about the risk of negotiating: "What if he says no?" But we already know that your company has spent thousands recruiting and training you, so they don't want to lose you. The bigger risk is NOT negotiating -- and losing $300+ per day, plus the respect of your boss and peers.

When you ask for what you're worth, you'll be surprised how quickly your boss will treat you with respect.

Are you ready to learn how to ask for what you're worth?
Introducing The 5 Step Pay Rise Formula

If you've ever wanted to become one of the top performers who can walk into their manager's offices and walk out after negotiating their salary...this course may be for you.

If you're tired of waiting for your boss to recognize your work and to magically raise your salary...and you're ready to change the "waiting game," this course is probably right for you.

And if you're ready to take control of your life -- realizing that this is not just about the money, but a new perspective on asking for what you deserve -- this course is definitely right for you.

Now, first, what this course is NOT: This is not some random ebook with advice like "Dress professionally" and "Be confident." Those are obvious and a waste of your time. In this course, you'll learn material you cannot find on Google or by reading random books.

That's because I spent years developing my own skills as a pay rise negotiator, getting a pay rise from 60k to 100k at the same company, shortly after going from 100k to 150k. 

I took my learnings and packaged them up in easy to understand training videos, complete with the exact words to use and meeting plan to follow. All in HD video for you with full transcriptions with download links. 

You'll learn how to...

Document Your Worth
- Discover the unique value you bring
- Uncover how you’ve been completely blind to the value you bring

- Get your boss to see how much value you are bringing
Discover Your Market Value
- Discover the salary range of your position
- Create leverage for negotiation
- Understand the market for your services
Handle Objections Like a Boss
Learn how to move past objections
- Exact scripts to get past a no and turn it into a yes
- Real objection examples and how to deal with them
Negotiate Like a Pro
- Get more money by using cutting edge negotiation techniques
- Create a win-win scenario
- Know your negotiables to get even more than a pay rise 
Pay Rise Meeting Formula
- Get confidence with a rock solid meeting plan
- Practice so you perform at your best
- Never lose your way with our handy prompts

This is my philosophy. I want to give you the best of everything I know, in an easy to use, easy to follow format, so you have the BIGGEST chance of getting paid what you deserve. 

I spent years and thousands of dollars developing my own skills as a negotiator, then years more packaging this into a complete, step-by-step guide you can use. I included videos analyzing students' body language, and doing minor tweaks that boost their effectiveness as negotiators. You can see their dramatic changes in just 10 minutes. You'll be armed with material that works -- and you know it works, because it's worked for other people. 

Who The 5 Step Pay Rise Formula Is For
This course isn't for everyone.
I'll be upfront about who I want in the program:

It may be right for you if:
- You're an employee at a company where you're likely being underpaid or you deserve to be compensated more than you're currently making
- You're willing to put the work in, but you're not sure what to say, when to say it, or how to approach the entire process
- If you're comfortable practicing your conversational and negotiation skills
- If you're looking for a higher salary, but also higher recognition of your skills...and you're ready to take control of your career

It may NOT be right for you if:
- You work for yourself or freelance clients
- You work in a government agency with fixed salaries (Like Nursing or Teaching)
- You're unwilling to practice negotiating because it's "weird" or makes you uncomfortable
- You're looking for a "magic bullet" of tactical phrases to use without a deeper strategic understanding of how master negotiators operate.
- You’re not that interested in doing a good job at work and just want easy money

The 5 Step Pay Rise Formula includes:

9 Easy to Follow Videos -- Tested and Proven to Help You Get Paid What You're Worth

You'll get access to training videos and downloadable templates featuring step-by-step action steps on objection handling, negotiation and how to figure out if you’re underpaid -- including the exact words to say and how to say them. All of this material has been tested and proven to work.

If you want to learn and practice something every week, you can do that. If you want to dive straight in and watch the videos in the morning then ask your boss that afternoon, you can do that. You have lifetime access to the material, so consume it at your own pace.
Finally, because I’m so confident this material works.

An UNBEATABLE Guarantee:
Try The 5 Step Pay Rise Formula for a full 60-Days, 100% Risk-Free

Try the entire course. If you don't LOVE it, I insist that you get 100% of your money back.
I will even pay for the credit card processing fees. 

I offer this guarantee because I believe that if you follow the steps and do the homework in this course you can 100% get a pay rise. And if you boss is a $%@^ and just won’t pay you what you’re worth then you will have learned incredibly valuable skills you can take with you for the rest of your life. 

I have spent thousands of dollars getting training on how to negotiate and how to ‘sell yourself’ and then spent hours and hours and hours practicing what I have learned in real life situations. Finally, I have taken all this information, the time I have spent and distilled it down into this easy to follow online course.

And that's why I guarantee this course.

The guarantee lasts 60 days. That gives you HEAPS of time to go through the course, try it out on your boss and see if it works. Hell, you could try it out on your boss, go get a new job, trying it out on your new boss and STILL have time to get your money back. 

Get a Pay Rise … 
for the rest of your life!


This is not a get rich quick scheme. This is a test formula for increasing your income, one year at a time. This is for people that are doing the work and know it’s finally time to be paid for it. If you can negotiate even a 5% higher salary, that's worth thousands more instantly. And hundreds of thousands or even millions over your lifetime.

Get Instant Access to
The 5 Step Pay Rise Formula


World-Class Negotiation Lessons -- Tested and Proven to Help You Get Paid What You're Worth
Real world examples and the scripts to handle them
Lifetime Access, downloadable videos and the full script
9 easy to follow modules with step by step instructions

3 Payments of $69

If you have any questions or concerns about the course, please contact us. 
We're happy to help.



Q&A About This Course

Q: "I'm nervous about negotiating. I’m worried about upsetting my boss and/or damaging my relationship with him”

A: Negotiating is a skill you can learn, just like learning how to ride a bicycle. Or play guitar. Or a new language. In fact, learning to negotiate is a lot easier than all of those things. You’ll get scripts you can follow if you get a mind blank. You get techniques you can follow with real life examples so you can practice. If you’re nervous about negotiating then this course is EXACTLY for you because you are probably being waayyyyyyy underpaid. It’s time to stop that. Now. 

Q: "I'm looking for a new job. Will this help me?"

A: Yes, 95% of the principles are the same. We have some specific case studies and videos -- including advanced material on leveraging multiple offers, creating bidding wars, etc.

Q: I'm a freelancer trying to raise my rates, will this help me?

A: No, I would not recommend this course for you. Although much of the material is similar, this is specifically for people working at companies with a boss.

Q: "How do I know this will work for me?"

A: You can never know 100%. It’s impossible to know if something is going to work before you try it, that’s just the nature of life. That being said, this course uses principles that are being used successfully by MILLIONS of people around the world, it’s highly unlikely this won’t work for you. If you want more out of life then you need to make a choice. Do you want to try and risk failing? Or do you want to do nothing and have your life stay the same? 

Q: "I’ve just started a new job, will this will work for me?"

A: Tricky. It might work if you are grossly underpaid for the role you just got hired for. Getting a pay rise will be a lot easier once you have had time to prove to the company how much value you are bringing and how good you are.