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Do you choke up when in front of your boss? Relax. We got you covered with these proven scripts to help you through the conversation.
Value Documentation
You are probably more valuable than you realise.  Our handy template helps document your worth in a crisp format you can leave with your boss.
Negotiation Tactics
Negotiation is a skill and in this context one that can make you a lot of money!  Learn the million dollar techniques used by business executives all over the world.
100% Guarantee
If at any stage during the online course you are unsatisfied we will give you a full refund.  No questions asked!
Prefer to read? No problem?  All our videos are transcribed for easy assimilation so you have the best chances for success!
9 Detailed Modules
Want to take your Pay Rise success even further? There is heaps of awesome content you can use to hone your skills

What is the 5 step pay rise formula?

– Discover the unique value you bring
– Uncover how you’ve been completely blind to the value you bring

– Get your boss to see how much value you are bringing

– Discover the salary range of your position
– Create leverage for negotiation
– Understand the market for your services

– Learn how to move past objections
– Exact scripts to get past a no and turn it into a yes
– Real objection examples and how to deal with them

– Get more money by using cutting edge negotiation techniques
– Create a win-win scenario
– Know your negotiables to get even more than a pay rise

– Get confidence with a rock solid meeting plan
– Practice so you perform at your best
– Never lose your way with our handy prompts

Are you Ready for Your Biggest Pay Rise Yet?

The average pay rise is $2,000, what would you do with an extra $5,000?

Get Your Pay Rise has helped me to:
  1. a) Change the way I view a pay rise - removing the stigma of asking for a pay rise viewing the act of asking for a pay rise in a positive light.
  2. b) Given me more confidence in asking for a pay rise - by helping me to track and realize the value I bring to my job.
I feel so much more ready/equipped to ask for a pay rise now that I have completed your course.
As a result of the skills I learnt from Get Your Pay Rise I was confident, prepared and secure in the value I was offering to my company when asking for a pay rise, a request that was ultimately successful.